Future Poultry Solutions, Hosur is into Buying and Selling of Hatching eggs and Chicks since 2005. We have our trade office at Hosur, located in western part of Tamil Nadu.

We provide a market place for high quality hatching eggs, chicks and birds. We act as the source for trading hatching eggs and chicks.

Future Poultry Solutions buy and sell high quality hatching eggs of chicken, country chicken, Japan quails, Duck, Turkey, Guinea Fowl, Kadaknath, Free range chicken, goat and sheep.

Hatching eggs are carefully selected from very reliable source, so as to maintain highest quality available in the market.

The chicks supplied by us are selectively procured from hatching farms with high bio-secure standards.

Hatching eggs and chicks are available for both international and domestic market.

Chicks supplied by us are suitable for commercial farming and backyard growing.

Future Poultry Solutions goal is to provide buyers and sellers with an easy to accomplish their goals. We are committed to providing the best customer service experience.

Whether you are just getting started on your farm / livestock keeping journey or are large production operation, we are positioned to be able to serve all types of customers. Aside from large selection of breeds and supplies, we also seek to be an authority of education and knowledge for our customers.

We do both wholesale and small scale supplies as per farm requirement.