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How to setup a poultry?  How to raise a livestock? Question regarding poultry and livestock will be answered here by experts of the field.

How many days of incubation does it take for a chicken to hatch?2018-12-26T10:40:11+05:30

Usually, if temperature and humidity levels have been ideal, the hatchling will start to break through the shell 21 days after the eggs were first set. However, this is a ‘rule of thumb’. Sometimes it takes longer and sometimes shorter times

How many different breeds of sheep are there in India?2018-12-26T10:37:27+05:30

In India there are many different breeds of sheep, but a few breeds from south India are Deccani,  Bellary, Nellore,  Mandya, Hassan, Mechari, Kilakarsal, Vembur, Coimabatore, Niligiri, Ramnad white,
Madras red, Tiruchy black, Kenguri.

How much land is required for sheep farming?2018-12-26T10:35:12+05:30

In general, it can be stated that an acre of land can accommodate 6 to 10 sheep if it is grassland. If sheep is not fed in open area, then the requirement of land is just 30 sq feet for 10 sheep.

Is goat farming is profitable?2018-12-26T10:32:00+05:30

Profits depend on many factors such as breed, age at which you intended to sell, other livestock management practices (like, medical care, feed management, vaccination practices).

Who can start goat farming?2018-12-26T10:30:49+05:30

Anyone who is interested and know basics of goats can start this business. Women, men, unemployed and who want to earn extra income along with other livestock.

What is goat farming?2018-12-26T10:30:09+05:30

Goat farming is a procedure of raising goats or rearing goats for their meat, milk, skin, and fibre. This can be commercial or non-commercial.

What Turkeys Eat?2018-12-26T10:29:08+05:30

Turkeys are fed nutritionally balanced diets of mixed grains and oilseeds, which typically include corn, soya, wheat, barley and canola, for healthy growth and development. There may also be a small percentage (6 to 8 percent) of animal protein, such as meat and bone meal, in some turkey feeds, which helps to ensure that there is enough protein, calories, minerals and fat to meet a naturally omnivorous turkey’s nutritional requirements.

Feed is often adjusted to match the growth stages of the birds. Young turkeys (poults) are fed a “starter” mixture. As they grow, the feed is changed to meet nutritional requirements. Each type of feed includes the proper balance of protein, energy, fibre, fat and other elements such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins.

Does Turkey Farming is easy?2018-12-26T10:27:52+05:30

Turkey farming is similar to other poultry birds farming like chickens, ducks, quails etc. Turkeys are also very social with humans and raising turkeys is really very fun and enjoyable.

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