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Chicken for sale which can be used as breeders, grower, layer and commercial. We do sexxing before suppling to farm. Grown chicks as layers

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Breeder Chicken For Sale

Breeder chicken traded by us are segregated according to their sex, as more female birds are required in ratio with male birds.

We do sex separation by Visual examination, (called vent sexing) either by checking the structures in the chick’s vent with the naked eye or by inspecting the internal sexual organs with a special lamp.

Most breeds can now be sexed by checking the feather colour or the degree of growth of wing feathers. Genetic selection has been carried out to ensure that these differences between sexes are distinctive.

Specific breed lines have been developed with high egg production as the main objective. Breeding ratio is 10 hens per rooster.

Growers Chicken For Sale

We will be able to supply new born chicks for breeding purpose or grown in our special farms for period ranging from days – weeks to months.

Future Poultry Solutions recommend chicken aged 18 weeks for farm purpose, as we cull under grown birds at that age and supply only quality birds.

We maintain optimum space is our sheds so that the birds are grown to its potential.

Layers Chicken For Sale

Chicken supplied aged 18 weeks are best as layers.  We supply birds that are parasite and disease free. Usually leghorn hybrids that are used for the purpose of producing eggs (infertile) for human consumption.

Commercial Chicken For Sale

Hybrid chickens produced by crossing white Plymouth Rock and Cornish breeds. These sires and dams have been bred with desired characteristics to produce the final progeny which are broilers, or the meat bird that reaches the consumer.

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