Baby Ducks, Ducklings, Ducks for sale

Ducks for sale for Duck farming as Baby Ducks or Ducklings. Duck farming using modern techniques to produce eggs and meat. Duck farming stands just second to the chicken farming industry.


Baby Ducks, Ducklings, Ducks for sale

Duck farming using modern techniques to produce eggs and meat.  Duck farming is one of the most profitable poultry system across the world.

For eggs and meat, duck farming stands just second to the chicken farming industry.

Commercial duck farming is increasing as this business has good potential to earn money egg production. Ducks are hardy birds than chickens and can easily adopt adverse climatic conditions. One can think of starting a commercial duck farming since ducks can feed on agro and industrial wastes, swamp, and marshy areas. These hardy birds can also survive in regions where no other agricultural crops could be grown and other livestock raised. Duck farming business is very lucrative and profitable business as there are many duck breeds available around the world.

Breeding Ducks for sale

Usually ducks don’t mate without water. One male duck is sufficient for breeding 10 female ducks. Usually high quality and productive duck breeds start laying eggs at their five months of age.

We supply high quality mother ducklings for sales so as to produce fertilized eggs for hatcheries.

Free range ducks for sale – Backyard system of duck raising

Inexpensive bamboo baskets are used and after egg collection the ducks, the birds are allowed to feed on an open field and play around any water source.

Ducks that we supply are suitable for backyard duck raising.

Grower Ducks for sale

If farm requires age specific ducks or ducklings, then we will be able to raise the birds in our fully equipped farm and can supply in age of one day to few weeks old.

Commercial ducks for sale

Duck’s Eggs and Meat Market

Marketing duck products (egg and meat) is very easy. People all over the world like duck egg and meat from the ancient time. In some areas, people like duck eggs and meat more than chicken meat or eggs. Duck eggs are usually larger in size than chicken eggs. In some areas duck meat is less popular than their eggs. However, there is no tension about the marketing of ducks eggs and meat. You can try to determine the demand of duck products in your local market.

Meat Duck Breeds

There are numerous duck breeds available which are famous for meat production. Peking, Ayleshbari, Maskovi, Ruel Kagua and the Swiden ducks are most popular for meat production. Usually meat productive male ducks weight about 5 kg and female weight about 4 kg.

Layer Duck Breeds

Indian Runner is a popular layer duck breed and very famous for their egg production capability. There are three types of Indian runner ducks available. White and grayish Indian runners are good layers. Khaki Campbell ducks are also very popular duck breed for high egg production.

Dual-Purpose Duck Breeds

Khaki Campbell ducks are suitable for both meat and egg production. They came from Indian Runner and Ruel Kagua. Indian runners are famous for egg production and second one is popular for meat production.

Our specialists can guide farm owners to select the right breed variety according to the farm and location.

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