Japanese Quails for sale

Japanese Quails for Sale, Japanese Quail eggs for Sale, Japanese Quail farming. Japanese Quail farming business is economically very profitable


Japanese Quails for Sale, Japanese Quail eggs for Sale, Japanese Quail farming

Humans have domesticated and bred Japanese Quails for thousands of years. Many color variations of Japanese Quails have been and are currently being developed.

Japanese Quail farming business is economically very profitable. Plus, you can grow this birds in your home.

Japanese Quails are well-known as a miniature bird in the world. The advantage of cultivating this birds at home is very easy for beginners because it is the smallest variety of domestic birds. In addition, This not only makes why starting this farm at any home is very easy but also profitable than the other poultry farm.

Japanese Quails Breeders:

Our Japanese Quails are locally breaded and are suitable to be used as mother birds for producing hatchery eggs.  We will be able to supply any quantity of birds as per the requirement.  Only healthy and active quails are supplied as breeders.

We do sexing of Quail and supply in proper female to male ratio so as to produce fertilized Quail eggs.  Keeping one male for 5 female quails will ensure good result. But never exceed 5 females per male.

The females are characterized by light tan feathers with black speckling on the throat and upper breast. The males have rusty brown throat and breast feathers. Males also have a cloacal gland, a bulbous structure on the upper edge of the vent that secretes a white, foamy material. This unique gland can be used to assess the reproductive fitness of the males.

Breeder quail lays egg and give birth to new babies. Farms for up to 30 weeks of its age.

Japanese Quails Growers:

There are 18 species of quails are available, which are very suitable for profitable quail farming business. Some of these breeds are famous for egg production and some are popular for meat production. According to their production, quail breeds are of two types such as broilers and layers.

We grow Japanese Quails in our farm and can supply as day one chick to few weeks old or as adult birds.


Egg production depends on temperature, feeding , water, care and management. To get desired egg production from quails, light play a vital role.  If farm condition is good, quails supplied by us can lay about 300 eggs a year.

Japanese Quails as broilers are grown especially for meat purpose.




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