Kadaknath koli for sale

Kadaknath koli for sale and Kadaknath farming projects yields high profit to farm owners. We sell birds of high quality and are pure breeds


Kadaknath koli for sale and farming projects

Kadaknath is an important indigenous breed of poultry inhabiting vast areas of Western Madhya Pradesh mainly the Jhabua and Dhar Districts and adjoining areas of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

The demand for these chicken is growing day by day and spread across most of the Indian states due to their excellent medicinal values.

Medicinal and Commercial value

Especially these birds bear great medicinal value in homeopathy and useful in treating a particular nervous disorder.

The commercial scale of Kadaknath chicken raising especially in the states Kerala, Andhra, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.  The meat is in black color and eggs are in very dark brown color.

Kadaknath Farming

According to a farmer in MP, growing about 1000 birds can easily yield him Rs 5 lacs per year.

Future Poultry Solutions trade in chicken, fertilized eggs and supply in wholesale for farms. We also supply birds in small quantities to farms according to the need.

Breeding Kadaknath for sale

We do sexing and supply chicken in proper female to male ratio.  Its better to keep 5-6 hens per one Cock.

The mother birds that we supply are of high quality and pure breed.  As the hens of this breed are poor brooders, fertilized eggs are hatched in incubators which are maintained with high hygiene.

Grower Kadaknath for sale

Grower is used to house egg laying type birds of ages between 9 to 20 weeks old. Prepare the grower house by cleaning and disinfecting the place. Grower house must be clean and dry before the birds are introduced. Flooring must be spread with about 4 inch litter material.

Proper natural lighting of about 12 hours must be provided and no artificial light is required.

We can supply birds from age of 1 day to few weeks old according to farm requirement.


Kadaknath hen reaches maturity and starts laying eggs from sixth month onward. The hen lays eggs in two to three clutches, eggs are laid in two to three clutches with each clutch producing 25 to 40 eggs; thus, giving about 100 to 120 eggs in a year.

It takes a year for a Kadaknath cockerel to reach 1.5 kg and reaches a maximum weight of about 2.0 kg.  The bird has a lifespan of about 12 years.

The birds sourced through us are disease free and are from pure breed line.

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