Sheep for sale – Sheep farming as business

Sheep for sale – Sheep farming as business for wool, meat and milk. We do sheep wholesale which maintain pure breed quality


Sheep for sale – Sheep farming as business

Having large human population and growing meat demand for nutritional purpose have provided the option to go for commercial sheep farming throughout India. There are many sheep breeds found in India depending on the Geo location.

We supply sheep as per geo location of the farm and commercial demand of the area.

Sheep Breeds

There are several sheep breeds in India and are reared for purposes relating to the area.

While sheep is one of the major wool contributor, it is also grown for milk and in many places for meat.

Sheep wholesale

Sheep can be supplied as kids and also as grown adults.  We do wholesale sheep, while at the same time give smaller quantities if required by farms.

Sheeps supplied by us have bright eyes, good teeth, lumps free, properly de-wormed, no limping, not thin and at the same time not too fat, well fed.

No Hormones or Medicine

Sheep that we source will not be hormone induced to grow, or into medication.  We maintain highest ethical standards while sourcing the animals.

Antibiotics might be used, only on case to case basis, genuinely for treating purpose and not on entire lot.

The herd is allowed to grow grassing weeds and 100% naturally available food.

Parent breeds

Before we source animals, we double check for the purity of breed.  We use our experience in determining the age and health.  We take expert opinion before supplying to farms.

Sheep Breeds for India

1. Hissar and hilly regions of Kulu in Haryana. It was evolved by crossing Bikaneri with Merino rams. Average body weight of rams and ewes are 54 and 34 kg respectively most animals are polled. Colour is predominantly white, although some brown patches may be observed. Wool is of superior quality yield 2-3 kg per annum.

2. Nellore: Nellore, Prakasam and Ongole districts of Andhra Pradesh tall animals with little hair except at brisket, withers and breech. Rams are horned ewes are polled. Long and drooping ears; 86% of animals have wattles male: 36 kg female: 28 kg

3. Mandya: Mandya district of Karnataka. Relatively small animals colour white – sometimes face is light brown, which may extend up to neck. Compact body with typical “U” shaped conformation from the rear. Ears long, leafy and drooping. Both sexes polled. Coat extremely coarse and hairy adult male: 35 kg, female: 23 kg.

4. Dorset: Native of U.K two types polled and horned Dorsets. Face, ears and legs white in colour and free from wool. Mature rams weigh 100-135 kg and ewes from 70-100 kg.

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