Turkey bird farming

Turkey production is a popular diversification for mixed farms.Turkey birds for sale for farming in Tamil Nadu, India, Karnataka, Hyderabad


Turkey birds for sale for farming

Turkey production is a popular diversification for mixed farms. Rearing free-range turkeys for trade is becoming increasingly popular among farmers looking for diversification enterprises.

Breeder Turkey birds for sale

The mating behavior of adult male tom is known as Strut, wherein it spreads the wings and makes a peculiar sound frequently. In natural mating, the male: female ratio is 1:5 for medium type turkeys and 1:3 for large types. On an average 40-50 young ones is expected from each adult female. Adult males are rarely used for mating after first year due to reduced fertility. There is a tendency in adult males to develop affinity towards a particular female, so we have to change the adult males for every 15 days.

We supply breeding mother turkey birds so as to produce fertilized eggs for hatching.

Growers Turkey birds for sale

In turkey 0-4 weeks period is called as brooding period. However, in winter brooding period is extended upto 5-6 weeks. As a thumb rule the turkey young ones need double hover space as compared to chicken. Brooding day old young ones can be done using infra red bulbs or gas brooder and traditional brooding systems.  We do brooding and supply older birds enabling farms to grow Turkey easily.

Free Range Turkey birds of sale


It reduces the feed cost by fifty percent.
Low investment.
Cost benefit ratio is high.

In the free range system, in one acre of fenced land we can rear 200-250 adult turkeys. Shelter should be provided during night at the rate of 3-4 sq.ft. per bird. They should be protected from predators during scavenging. Planting of trees is desirable for providing shade and cooler environment. The range should be rotated which will help to reduce incidence of parasite infestation.

Free range feeding

Since turkeys are very good scavengers, it can consume earthworms, small insects, snails, kitchen waste and termites, which are rich in protein and that will reduce the feed cost by fifty percent.  To avoid leg weakness and lameness in free ranging birds, calcium should be supplemented at the rate of 250gm per week per bird in the form of oyster shell. Ten percent of feed can be substituted with vegetable waste to reduce the cost of feed.


a.  Layer Turkey birds of sale

Turkey birds that we supply will start laying egg from the 30th week of age.  The turkey hens lay as much as 100 eggs per year.

b.  Turkey birds for sale for meat

As turkey meat is lean(low fat) it’s consuming rate is increasing day by day in India. Male turkey becomes for slaughtering purpose within their 2 years age. At this 24 weeks age, they weigh around 10 kg to 15 kg. Female turkeys weigh less than the male turkey and take little more time to gain the weight. Local markets are the best place to market your turkeys.

Choose Turkey Breeds

There are several turkey breeds available around the globe. But all those breeds are not suitable enough for commercial meat production. You can raise only a few of those breeds in your farm for profitable meat production. For profitable meat production you have to use some modern turkey breeds that are raised for commercial production. This type of turkey breeds has a maximum feed to meat conversion rate. They consume less feed and convert this feed to meat within a very short time. Broad-breasted White is such a modern turkey breed for commercial production. The meat produced by raising this breed on pasture on a small farm, it will be more tasty and flavorful than the meat produced from commercial farm.

White Holland and Standard Bronze are other two popular meat producing turkey breed. This two breeds are not actual breed. Broad-Breasted Bronze and Whites are just non-standardized commercial strain used for meat production (they are not actual breed). Along with this there are some other breeds available that are beautiful and different looking birds. Bourbon Reds, Narragansetts, Royal Palm etc. are such turkey breed. For commercial meat production, you should go with Broad-Breasted Whites, Standard Bronze and White, White Hollands etc.

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